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Mail and shipments

Incoming mail & shipments

University Mailing Services delivers incoming mail once a day, (usually by 10:00AM), to the Main Office in More Hall. Mail is then distributed to faculty, staff and student mailboxes, typically before noon. Graduate student mailboxes are located in More Hall in the first floor hallway. Please check your mailbox regularly. Also, please remember that mailboxes are not secure. If you have a package delivered that is too large for your mailbox, you will receive notification to pick it up in the Main Office. Please do so at your earliest convenience, as space to store packages in the Main Office is limited.

Outgoing mail

Mailing Services picks up the outgoing mail at the same time the incoming mail is dropped off (usually by 10:00 AM).


The department has a contract with Fed-Ex. To place a shipment via Fed-Ex, bring your package with the following information to the reception desk in the Main Office by 3:00PM in order to be shipped that day: Name of company or agency, contact person, complete delivery address (must be a street address – not PO Box), recipients phone number, budget number, package dimensions and weight, and contents. Additional information may be required for international shipments.

To have something mailed or shipped to the department, please use the appropriate address below.

The mailing address by postal mail is:

<Your Name>
University of Washington
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Box 352700
Seattle, WA 98195-2700

To have a shipment delivered (i.e. Fed EX, UPS, etc), use the following address:

<Your Name>
University of Washington
Civil & Environmental Engineering
201 More Hall
Seattle, WA 98195

Campus mail

The department mailbox number is 352700. To send something via inter-office mail to another location on campus, the recipient’s name and box number is required. The outgoing campus mail bin is located on top of the mailbox cabinet located in the Main Office.