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Requesting invoices and ISDs

To request invoices and internal sales documents for CEE’s various research facilities, please reach out to the contacts specified below.

Research facilities

X-Ray Computed Tomography Facility (CT Scanner)

The Computed Tomography Facility (CTF) provides access to an NSI X5000 scanning system, used for visualizing internal components of objects. It offers researchers a method of non-destructive testing. For billing inquiries,contact Cindy Phan.

Large-Scale Structural Engineering Testing Laboratory

The Large-Scale Structural Engineering Testing Laboratory is a versatile facility for performing large-scale structural engineering experiments on civil infrastructure components and systems. For billing inquiries, contact Cindy Phan.

Research center

Natural Hazards Reconnaissance Experimental Facility (RAPID)

The RAPID facility provides investigators with equipment, software, and support services needed to collect, process, and analyze perishable data from natural hazards events. For billing inquiries, contact RAPID.