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Fiscal policies

Alcohol policy

Alcohol is only paid for by the department under the following circumstances, and with PRIOR APPROVAL:

  • Faculty recruitment
  • Department sponsored events: This is defined as an event the department is hosting and has invited all members of the department to attend. For example: annual department retreat.
  • Other pre-approved events: Some events have been given pre-approval from the Chair or Administrator for alcohol to be paid or reimbursed. These are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Include approval email with purchase or reimbursement documentation.

If an event falls outside of the circumstances noted above, please contact the Administrator to discuss other options for potential reimbursement prior to purchasing alcohol.

UW food approval policy

Under certain criteria, university and Washington State policies allow for the purchase of meals and light refreshments for employees, students and official guests.

Since many UW budgets are either not approved for food, or have restrictions, the food approval form is used for one-time or recurring events requiring food purchases, which must meet the criteria listed below. In addition, a list of attendees is required if submitting a food approval form.

  • Recognition events
  • Training events, including student orientations
  • Business meetings to conduct UW Business where a meal or light refreshment is an integral part of the official meeting

For more detailed information, see UW’s food approval policy.


Delegation of authority

The UW has set minimum standards whereby a Principal Investigator (PI) may appropriately delegate authority to conduct fiscal procedures, such as:

  • Purchasing
    • Authorization to purchase from campus units (e.g. cost centers)
    • Authorization to purchase goods/services with outside vendors (typically through ProCard, purchase orders, or eProcurement)
  • Approval
    • Authorization to approve invoices and receivingreportsAuthorization to approve reimbursement requests
    • Authorization to transfer expenditures to/from authorized budget(s)

To request and/or authorize personnel to conduct procedures on your behalf as outlined above, and consistent with criteria indicated in GIM 02 - Acceptance of Sponsored Program Awards and Fiscal Compliance on Sponsored Program Accounts (Budget Numbers), complete the Delegation of Authority Memo and email


Packing slips and receipt information

Per Washington State law, every order must be accompanied by a detailed receipt and proof of delivery (packing slip).

On your packing slip, notate “received,” the date received, and sign and submit to the Fiscal Office.

If you did not receive a packing slip, notate on your receipt or order confirmation as if it were a packing slip. An order confirmation or invoice is not sufficient as a receipt unless it specifies “PAID” (past tense) or amount due is $0.

For ProCard purchases, if the packing slip is received after the ProCard reconciliation deadline, notate that it is a ProCard purchase and include the PaymentNet Transaction ID number on the packing slip.