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Budget development and rates

To build budgets for proposals, the best practice is for PIs to either email grant managers with the required information or fill out the budget template themselves.

When building a proposal budget, keep in mind these important tips:

  • Project salary rate increases on the following schedule:
    • Annually on July 1 for classified staff and graduate students
    • Annually on September 1 for faculty and professional staff
    • Use 2% increase as estimate
  • Verify correct F&A rate is used
  • Prorate graduate student salary and tuition when necessary

Salary rates

The salary rates below will advise how much to allocate for research assistant salary and tuition as well as postdoctoral employee salary.

Research assistant salary

Research assistant positions are governed by the UAW/UW Academic Student Employee union contract, which governs policies and procedures for appointments, salary, job definitions and leave time.

Pay rates are determined by the student’s academic program, current progress within the program and position.

ASE salary rates for CEE graduate students are as follows (effective July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020):

Position Qualification Schedule 1 rate (50% FTE) Schedule 2 rate (50% FTE) Summer Hourly Rate
TA/RA/GSA Premaster $2,388/mo $4,100/mo $32.56/hr
PDTA1/PDRA1/GSA1 Has a master's degree OR passed qualifying exam $2,567/mo $4,279/mo $35/hr
PDTA2/PDRA2/GSA2 Passed general exam $2,758/mo $4,470/mo $37.61/hr
Predoctoral Instructor Enrolled in graduate program Minimum of $2,758/mo Minimum of $4,470/mo N/A


2019–2020 tuition

Type Autumn Winter Spring Total
Tuition amount $5,884 $5,884 $5,884 $17,652
Non-resident waiver $4,636 $4,636 $4,636 $13,908

Summer quarter

Credits Amount
Two credits or less $1,691
Three credits $2,538
Four credits $3,384
Five credits $4,231
Six credits $5,077
Seven or more credits $5,924

When building a multi-year budget, use 10% annual increase.

Postdoctoral scholars

Postdoctoral employees (postdocs), which includes research associates, research trainees, senior fellows, and senior fellow trainees, are represented by the United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 4121.

The current contract between the UW and UAW-postdocs is effective from July 1, 2019 to January 31, 2021.

The postdoctoral scholar salary/stipend minimum rates are provided below. The minimum rates are graded based on duration of prior relevant postdoctoral experience (both with the university and other institutions) at the time of appointment as determined by the employer.

Postdoctoral experience level Minimum annual full-time salary equivalent
0 (0 – 11 months) $50,004
1 (12 – 23 months) $51,004
2 (24-35 months) $52,024
3 (36- 47 months) $53,065
4 (48 – 59 months) $54,126
5 (60-71 months)* $55,208*

*By exception

Facilities and administrative rate agreement

The facilities and administrative (F&A) rate is applied to the base amount of the project. Review GIM 13 F&A rate guidance for information on: base calculations, activity types, locations, activity at multiple locations and more.

For on-campus locations budget calculations use base type Modified Total Direct Cost (MTDC) unless the program announcement states otherwise. Review more GIM 13: F&A Base guidance.

On-campus organized research, rates, dates & fiscal year (FY)
54.5% 7/01/2012 – 6/30/2017 FY 2013-2017
55.0% 7/01/2017 – 6/30/2018 FY 2018
55.5% 7/01/2018 – 6/30/2020 FY 2019-2020
On-campus other sponsored activity, rates, dates & fiscal year (FY)
33.8% 7/01/2009–6/30/2016 FY 2010-2016
37.0% 7/01/2016–6/30/2020 FY 2017-2019
On-campus instruction, rates, dates & fiscal year (FY)
53.0% 7/01/2009–6/30/2020 FY 2010-2020

Benefit rates

For each dollar paid as salary or wage to an employee, the UW incurs associated costs for fringe benefits. These benefits include F.I.C.A., worker’s compensation, unemployment compensation, retirement and health insurance.

The rates are updated on an annual basis. GIM 3: Fringe Benefit Rates and Sponsored Projects

Review the current benefit rates from UW Financial Reporting.

Employee type FY20 fringe rate
Faculty (includes postdocs) 23.90%
Graduate student appointments 21.20%
Classified staff 41.20%
Professional staff 32.10%
Hourly & emeritus faculty 20.90%
Graduate stipends 27.10%

OSP facts and contacts

Authorized Official
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206-543-4043 tel
206-685-1732 fax

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