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Other agreements

Service agreements

Goods and services agreements at the University of Washington are governed by UW Administrative Policy Statement (APS) 59.5. Service agreements are different from grant and cooperative agreements and result when OSP determines an agreement or scope of work does not meet the definitions of a sponsored research project. Typically, service agreements come with strings attached by the industry sponsor and normally require a deliverable (e.g. raw data, detailed report, attendance or participation).

While the UW is not in the business of selling goods and services, the UW may engage in external sales where they are:

  • Directly and substantially related to educational mission of UW.
  • Represent a resource not commonly available and there is a demand from the external community.
  • Charges take into account full cost, including overhead, as well as competitive prices in the local community.

If you have an agreement that OSP has determined is not sponsored research, but is a service agreement governed by APS 59.5, contact grants staff to discuss.

Non-disclosure agreements

If the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is related to a current, existing UW sponsored project, an eGC1 must be routed.

If this is NOT related to a current, existing UW sponsored project, the agreement can be signed by the department chair or authorized signing authority.

Data agreements

If an agreement involves purchasing data, please work with the fiscal office to establish a blanket purchase order.