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Hiring permanent staff

When a need for a permanent staff position is identified, you will work with the HR Specialist throughout the hiring and recruitment process. Permanent staff positions must be filled through competitive recruitments. This remains true even if you have a temporary employee you want to make permanent.

Hiring and recruitment process

Below are 11 steps to follow when initiating a permanent staff hire. If you are recruiting for a replacement, with no change in job duties, begin at step 4.

1. Identify payroll title and salary range

Research Scientist/Engineer positions Administrative and other positions

The Research Scientist/Engineer job classification has eight grade levels that correspond with a salary range. Grade levels are determined by a combination of position specific factors including education/experience required, duties and responsibilities, level of effort and influence expected on research projects, and supervisory responsibility. Within this document, you will select from a range of competencies to help determine which grade level is appropriate.

Pay scale for Research Scientist/Engineers can be found here (Appendix I).

RSE Career Path Guidelines - Competencies

Contact the HR Specialist to discuss the duties and responsibilities of the position. They will help you determine the most appropriate payroll title.

Payroll titles/descriptions and salary tables:

2. Draft a job description

When initiating a hire for a new position, a job description questionnaire must be submitted with the request to the HR Specialist. This step may take some back and forth between the HR Specialist and the supervisor of the new position. If you're hiring for a vacant position or filling a position for an exiting staff, contact the HR Specialist to reopen the job posting.

Before completing the job questionnaire, it is strongly recommended to review the Staff Diversity Planning Toolkit created by the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity.

Position Information Form
Research Scientist/Engineer For Research Scientist/Engineer positions, complete the Research Scientist/Engineer questionnaire. Be as detailed as possible under the position characteristics and duties and responsibilities. The narrative, along with the general competencies and education requirements, helps the Compensation Office determine the appropriate grade/salary level. Research Scientist/Engineer Job Questionnaire
Professional Staff For Professional Staff positions, complete the Professional Staff position description. Be as detailed as possible, and be sure to review the exemption criteria. Professional Staff Position Description
Classified Staff There is no standard form. Draft a detailed job description with clear duties and responsibilities required for the position. N/A

3. Undergo review process

The HR Specialist will route the completed job questionnaire to the College of Engineering Dean's Office and Compensation Office for approvals.

The Dean's Office will review the job description and position to determine if the duties and responsibilities align with the selected payroll title and employment classification. Once approved, Total Talent Management, UW's recruitment team, will post the open position to UW's open jobs page.
This process is currently taking 1+ month.

4. Review layoff list - Classified positions only

If you are hiring for a union-represented, classified position, a qualified former employee on UW's layoff list may claim placement in the position. If your position is not eligible, or there are no former employees who meet minimum qualifications, UW HR will post the position on the UW open jobs page, where applicants can apply for the position.

5. Form a search committee and draft interview questions

A search committee is formed to help the hiring manager review applicants, create interview questions, attend interviews of top candidates, and provide feedback on hiring decisions. When forming a search committee, consider membership based on knowledge of work, interaction with the position, and composition and diversity of the committee.

Interviews are an opportunity to learn more about top candidates and their skills and prior experiences. It is recommended that you review the DEI Checklist for interviewing/hiring committees to ensure materials and processes are following equitable hiring practices.

As a hiring manager or interview panelist, you are responsible for following federal and state employment laws and University Administrative policy on unfair pre-employment inquiries. Additionally, hiring committee members are required to complete the Implicit Bias training and the Record Keeping in the hiring process training before serving on a committee.

6. Review resumes

Once the position closes, UW HR will review resumes against all requirements and place all qualified candidates on your Hiring Manager Workbench in UWHIRES. The HR Specialist will request access to the Workbench for all members of the hiring committee.

How to Review Applications in UWHIRES

When you log into UWHIRES, you will see the job title for the open requisition. Click on the Job Profile Name hyperlink to review qualified applicants.
Click on the applicant name hyperlink to view their resume, available start date, desired compensation, and contact information.

  • The score percentage next to the candidate's name (e.g. 6%) opens the candidate's cover letter (not required for classified positions).
  • A letter E next to the candidate's name indicates they are internal to UW.
  • A letter Y next to the candidate's name indicates they are a veteran and should be reviewed preferentially with the following guidelines.

7. Conduct phone screens, interviews

After reviewing applications, the hiring manager or HR Specialist should conduct phone screens to confirm the candidate's availability and expectations match the basic parameters of the position. It is best practice to call top candidates before conducting interviews to confirm:

  • they are still interested in the position
  • the FTE and weekly schedule expectations match the position requirements
  • they agree with the hybrid work schedule associated with the position
  • the salary range meets their expectations
  • their available start date is within the range of the hiring manager's expectations

Once the candidate pool is narrowed down, it is recommended to interview a minimum of three candidates. When hiring a union-represented classified position, at least one (1) qualified, union-represented applicant must be among those granted an interview.

Remember to forward all records to the HR Specialist for the HR Requisition file, including:

  • Phone screen notes
  • Interview questions
  • Interview notes
  • Reference Check forms
  • Any other pertinent documents

8. Check references

Reference checks are required prior to offering a position to a candidate. At least three professional references should be contacted. Use the Telephone Reference Check form to ensure consistency in questions asked to each reference.

If the finalist is a current or former UW employee, you must obtain a reference from the candidate’s current (or most recent) UW supervisor. If the immediate supervisor is unavailable, or if the employee asks that you not contact their current UW supervisor, contact the HR Specialist who will consult with HR. Additionally, the HR Specialist will request a review of the candidate’s official personnel record before finalizing the hire.

9. Obtain salary approval

Once you have selected a qualified final candidate, you and the HR Specialist will submit a proposed salary rate to obtain approval from the CoE Dean’s Office and Compensation Office. The monthly rate must be approved by both offices before moving forward with an offer.

10. Make a verbal offer

Once the salary has been approved, you can make a verbal offer to the candidate. For positions that are designated as security/safety-sensitive, offers must be made contingent upon a successful background check.

11. Write a confirmation letter

Once the offer is accepted, the HR Specialist will write a Confirmation of Hire letter for the candidate and begin the data entry in Workday.