Current Students

BSCE Upper-Division Coursework

During junior year, students typically complete 300-level curriculum in a pre-arranged sequence of courses, called Track I or II. In senior year, students explore areas of interest while taking courses to meet Technical Elective and Upper-Division Engineering & Science Elective requirements. Seniors also complete a spring capstone design course in a focus area of their choice.

Students complete roughly 90 credits of upper-division coursework, depending on course options selected. A minimum of 84 upper-division coursework credits is required.

Junior year coursework (40 credits)

CEE 307 Construction Engineering 5
CEE 317 GeoSurveying 5
CEE 327 Transportation Engineering 5
CEE 337 Construction Materials 5
CEE 347 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics 5
CEE 357 Environmental Engineering 5
CEE 367 Geotechnical Engineering 5
CEE 377 Introduction to Structural Design 5

Senior year coursework (34 or more credits)

Professional Practice and Capstone: 7 credits

  • CEE 440 Professional Practice (2 credits)
  • Capstone Design Course, choice of CEE 441 Construction/Transportation Capstone; CEE 442 Structural/Geotech Capstone; CEE 444 Environmental Engineering or CEE 445 Water/Hydrology Capstone. Capstone course must be completed with minimum 2.0 grade (5 credits)

Technical Electives: 15 credits

Students must take at least one "core" course from three of the six different Technical Electives categories. Any additional 400-level CEE courses taken, whether from the Technical Electives list or not, will count toward Technical Electives credits until 15 credits is reached. Any additional credits from 400-level courses will count toward Upper Division Electives. Core courses must be completed with a minimum grade of 2.0.

Upper-Division Engineering and Science Electives: 12 credits

Choose any additional CEE 400-level courses (not used elsewhere) and courses from the Upper-Division Engineering and Science Electives list, or as approved by petition. Students admitted after summer quarter 2019 must include one approved science course from Upper-Division Engineering and Science Electives list.

General Electives

General Electives can bring the balance of credits to 180, which is required to complete the degree.

Recommended coursework for seniors